NERCA to Host 96th Annual Convention for Roofing Pros in Everett, Showcasing Industry Innovations

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NERCA’s 96th Annual Convention and Trade Show Announcement

We are excited to announce that the 96th annual convention and trade show organized by The North/East Roofing Contractors Association (NERCA) will take place at the Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, Massachusetts, from March 12-14. The event, considered a significant milestone in the roofing industry, is set to attract more than 2,000 participants from various regions, including New England and the Northeast.

Our expected attendees consist of dedicated professionals from diverse fields within the industry, such as roofing contractors, architects, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, developers, business owners, distributors, and general contractors. This massive convergence of professionals will provide a huge networking opportunity and promote growth within the roofing community.

Speakers and Discussion Topics

During the convention and trade show, attendees will be privileged to listen to some notable figures in the roofing industry. Names such as Joseph Hughes, Mark S. Graham, and Jim Johnson will be gracing the event, contributing to discussions on various topics. Items on the agenda range from marketing strategies for roofing companies, the handling of current technical problems in roofing, to methods of distinguishing a company within a competitive industry.

Additionally, safety and legal aspects in the roofing industry will be covered by legal experts, Stephen Phillips Esq. and C. Leanne Prybylski Esq., who will shed light on ways roofing companies can improve job site safety and lower liability for personal injuries and property damage.

Sponsors and Event Structure

This significant occasion is supported by several renowned companies and organizations in the industry. Sponsors include A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply, Beacon, Elevate, Atlas, ABC Supply Co., and the MRCA.

The structure of the event is such that it seeks to deliver valuable insights about major industry trends, provide updates on technical aspects, and address current legal issues affecting roofing contractors. In addition, valuable instruction on drafting effective safety protocols and cementing safety as a core part of a company’s culture will be provided.

We encourage all players in the roofing industry to take part in this educative and networking opportunity. It’s an event designed with your interests at heart, and we look forward to welcoming you.

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