WaaPaKe: Revealing Healing from Ancestral Trauma Premiers at Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨

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The Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ Film Festival to Premiere WaaPaKe

The Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ Film Festival is set to reveal the compelling documentary, WaaPaKe, on February 15th. Esteemed director, Dr. Jules Koostachin, brings to life a tale of recovery interwoven with accounts of forgiveness, anticipation, and family bonds.

A voyage through Generational Trauma towards Recovery

The narrative of WaaPaKe unfolds across the landscape of generational trauma, broaching its consequences on the newest generation. It invites the audience into the private lives of three generations of the Koostachin lineage, interlacing a tale that is both individual and all-encompassing. Highlighting crucial dialogues between the director, her mother, Rita, a survivor of residential schooling, and her son, Asivak, the film serves as a reflection of healing and recovery, and the importance of fostering hard dialogues within families.

The Role of Rituals and Support System in Creating Safe Spaces

To ensure the unfolding of these personal narratives in a secure environment, each filming session of WaaPaKe was initiated with smudging ceremonies—a customary indigenous purification ritual promoting cleansing and balance. Acknowledging the harrowing nature of the subject, an on-call counselor was present throughout the film’s creation, providing support to the cast as they grappled with the demanding material.

Asivak Koostachin: A Journey of Recovery Expressed through Art

Young and experienced actor Asivak Koostachin opens up about his experience of the project, describing the exploration of intense themes as equally challenging and healing. His personal insights reinforce the film’s focus on the opportunity for recovery and the tremendous power of clear communication in the face of trauma.

Dr. Jules Koostachin: An Auteur of Profound Narratives

In her remarkable career, Dr. Jules Koostachin has authored several influential works, including the scripted feature Broken Angel released in 2022, and Angela’s Shadow, currently undergoing final touches. Her work continuously finds favor with audiences and critics, with WaaPaKe winning the Best BC Film Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival. As she works on her third feature film, her storytelling prowess leaves the world in eager anticipation of the next chapter.


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