Nicola Peltz Shares Kinship Details at ‘Lola’ Debut Embracing Beckham’s Backing

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The Beckhams Cheer on Nicola Peltz at Her Directorial Debut

Nicola Peltz, the well-regarded actress and model, premiered her first directorial endeavour ‘Lola’ at Hollywood’s emblematic Regency Bruin Theatre. Notably, the event was accentuated by the unmistakable presence and unflagging support of the Beckham family. However, the absence of Nicola’s sister-in-law, Harper Beckham who she often refers to as an ideal little sister, was noticeable.

Emphasising Familial Love

One of the constant elements in the relationship between Nicola and Harper has been Nicola’s evident affection. The actress, now 29, has often expressed how blessed she is to have Harper as a part of her life. Reflecting this sentiment, Nicola drew inspiration from her bond with her godson to depict an authentic sibling relationship in ‘Lola’.

Victoria Beckham’s Influence on the Fashion Scene

For the premiere of ‘Lola,’ Nicola paid a compliment to her designer mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham, by wearing an outfit custom-made by her. This fashion statements not only reflected Nicola’s personal style but also her admiration for Victoria Beckham’s acumen in fashion designing. This mutual respect and support between the two women have seemingly dispelled any rumours of disputes within the Beckham clan.

The Beckham Clan – A Pillar of Support for Nicola

The bond between Nicola and the Beckhams is evidently not confined to social media posts, including attending Victoria’s fashion shows and making TikTok videos with Harper. The spirit of support from the Beckhams’ was clearly evident during the premiere of ‘Lola’—an event that strengthens their family bonds even more. As Nicola embarks on her directorial journey, the steadfast support from the Beckhams will surely serve as an invaluable source of strength and motivation for her.


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