Salaryday 3’s Rocky Start Causes Severe Player Drop-off

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The Troublesome Launch of Payday 3 and Its Aftermath

From our source, we’ve learned that the highly anticipated successor to the iconic Payday 2, Payday 3, has encountered a problematic launch in September 2023. Despite an encouraging start amplified by a decade-long break since its predecessor, this sequel has experienced a steady decline in its player base due to several launch difficulties.

Stumble at Start

At first, Payday 3 started strong and lured over 28,000 average players. However, by January, this figure had drastically dropped to an average of 655 players. Quite a few launch-related issues served as reasons for this massive downfall. Among these, players highlighted the problems with matchmaking and the lack of content compared to Payday 2’s extensive list of updates and downloadable content (DLCs).

Controversies around Online Requirement

The troubles didn’t end there. Payday 3 also drew criticism for its mandatory online playing mode, which drove away many solo players who would have preferred an offline play option. This obligatory online feature has caused discontent amongst players, reminiscent of problems faced by other games that imposed similar constraints.

Payday 2 Remains Unscathed

Counter-intuitively, while Payday 3 endured a fall, Payday 2 has maintained its popularity amongst fans. Even in the midst of its successors’ struggles, Payday 2’s player base has remained steadfast, and still amasses more than 25,000 players. This enduring popularity of Payday 2 has made it tough for Payday 3 to lure potential players.

The Road Ahead

Despite experiencing a rocky start, Overkill Software, the developer of Payday 3 hasn’t given up. They continue to keep the story alive from Payday 2 featuring the original characters from 2011’s Payday: The Heist. Additionally, the game offers crossplay for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms – a demonstration of their commitment to a unified gaming experience.

The major question remains: Can Payday 3 recover its spots and earn back the trust of the dwindling player base? As the dust of its troubled launch settles, regaining its footing and recapturing the charm of its predecessors is indeed a tall order for Payday 3. Only time will tell if it manages to overcome these hurdles.


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