Voting Snafu in Barrineau Park: Wrong Polling Place Listed on Sample Ballots

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Presidential Preference Primary Sample Ballots Misprinted in Barrineau Park

In an unfortunate mix-up, citizens in the Barrineau Park area recently received Sample Ballots for the Presidential Preference Primary Election that included an erroneous physical address of their designated polling place. This mistake has been recognized and is currently in process of correction by the Escambia County Elections Office.

Location Error on Sample Ballots

Reported by one of our observant readers, the sample ballots erroneously listed the First Baptist Church of Beulah, located at 5805 Beulah Church Road, as the polling site. However, the rightful location is the Barrineau Park Community Center, at 6055 Barrineau Park School in Molino. Our source from the Escambia County Elections Office, Sonya Daniel, who is the Deputy Supervisor of Elections, confirmed the mistake on these ballots.

Misprint Present Only In Physical Address

A noteworthy detail about this misprint is that the QR code on the sample ballot was correct. The issue was solely with the printed physical address. As soon as the mistake was noticed, steps were quickly taken to rectify it. New sample ballots are now being compiled for re-distribution to all the voters from the affected Precinct 19.

Officials Apologize for Oversight

In light of the occurrence, the Election officials have issued a formal apology. They have expressed their commitment to swiftly resolving the error and ensuring accurate information in all future election documents.

Importance of Accurate Information for Upcoming Election

The mix-up is particularly significant due to the fact that the 2024 Presidential Preference Primary Election, which is underway at the moment, is exclusive to Republican voters in Florida. Florida operates a closed primary system, making the correct dissemination of polling place addresses all the more paramount.

  • Sample ballots carried erroneous physical address of polling place.
  • Mistake identified and confirmed by Escambia County Elections Office.
  • New sample ballots are being prepared for affected voters.
  • Election officials apologize and commit to swift rectification.
  • Incident underscores importance of accurate information for current election.
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