North Lincolnshire Mourns: Councillor Steve Swift Dies After Illness at Budget Meeting

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Devastating Loss: North Lincolnshire Councillor Steve Swift Passes Away

It is with deep regret that The Reader Wall News reports the passing of esteemed Councillor Steve Swift of North Lincolnshire, who tragically succumbed to a sudden illness during a council meeting on February 22.

Illness Strikes Suddenly During Vital Meeting

During a crucial budget meeting, Councilor Swift unfortunately fell ill while delivering his speech. In response to the escalating situation, the meeting was briskly adjourned to allow for emergency assistance to be administered. Following initial first aid intervention, the Councillor was promptly moved to Castle Hill Hospital situated in Hull for further medical treatment.

A Valiant Fight and Commendable Medical Assistance

Despite receiving attentive and specialist care from the medical team at Castle Hill Hospital, Councillor Swift sadly did not survive. The dedicated and extensive attempts made by the healthcare professionals to save him were not sufficient to combat the severe nature of his illness.

A Career Dedicated to Public Service

For more than two decades, Mr. Swift committed his life to public service. His journey started in 1996, where he served with the former Humberside County Council and made significant strides in local governance. He also held the Mayor’s office of the Bottesford Town Council, truly demonstrating his commitment to his role and community.

A Legacy to Remember

Councillor Swift has always been known for his unwavering dedication to the residents of Bottesford and Brumby. His absence will profoundly affect the community and his peers, leaving a void that is difficult to fill.

  • Numerous tributes flow in from the council, where they hailed him as a ‘fountain of knowledge’ and recalled his ‘legendary memory’, accenting the passion he held for local governance and community service.


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