North Lincolnshire Mourns: Councillor Steve Swift Dies After Illness at Budget Meeting

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Respected North Lincolnshire Councillor, Steve Swift, Dies After Sudden Illness

It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of long-term North Lincolnshire council member, Steve Swift. Councillor Swift tragically succumbed to a sudden illness during a budget meeting on February 22. The incident has left both the council and the community of North Lincolnshire in a state of distress.

Details Surrounding the Tragic Event

Councillor Swift fell ill in the middle of presenting a speech at a budget meeting. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the meeting was instantly suspended and on-site emergency first aid was administered. Swift was then rapidly transported to Castle Hill Hospital, Hull, where he received specialist care. Regrettably, his condition deteriorated, and despite the extensive medical efforts, the Councillor passed away.

Councillor Swift’s Legacy in Local Governance

Serving his community since 1996, Councillor Swift held an esteemed place in local government. His tenure included a term at the former Humberside County Council, and he was also a revered mayor of Bottesford Town Council. His unwavering dedication to serving the people of Bottesford and Brumby resulted in deep respect from the residents of these communities and his council colleagues.

  • Long standing service since 1996
  • Term at former Humberside County Council
  • Former mayor of Bottesford Town Council

He was genuinely invested in his work, tirelessly advocating for the best interests of the communities he served. Councillor Swift’s passion for local governance and community service set him apart.

Council’s Tribute to Councillor Swift

Upon hearing the news of his passing, North Lincolnshire Council praised Councillor Swift’s incredible contributions to the council and the community as a whole. Greatly admired, he was often described as an authority or ‘fountain of knowledge’, impressing everyone with his legendary memory about council matters.

The council, along with the entire community, is grieving a significant loss in the passing of Councillor Swift. His extensive knowledge, dedicated service, and his shared empathy towards his constituents are a testament to his commitment to making his community better. His passion for public service was infectious, lighting a fire of dedication and inspiration around him. He will be profoundly missed and fondly remembered.

Our sincere condolences are extended to the family, friends, and colleagues of Councillor Swift. His good work will continue to be the foundation on which we strive to build a better community.

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