Vogue Williams: A Mix of Elevated Style and Property Savvy

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Vogue Williams: A Blend of Glamour and Style

Acclaimed Irish model and fashion icon, Vogue Williams is turning heads once again with her fashion prowess. Recently, the 38-year-old was spotted exuding style and elegance at the Global Radio Studios in London. Her bold mixture of vivacious colours and trendy patterns certainly set her apart from the crowd.

Displaying Sartorial Elegance

Dressed in an alluring green pullover and a contrasting black and white patterned skirt, Williams was the epitome of chic. In true Williams’ style, the outfit was paired with sleek black ankle boots, opaque tights and an edgy leather jacket. Never settling for the ordinary, she boldly complemented her outfit with a classic tweed bag and square sunglasses, both from the renowned luxury brand, Chanel. Her accessories, including a pair of gold and green chunky earrings and a subtly sophisticated choker, added a final note of elegance to her outfit.

Off-Ramp Pursuits

Beyond the ramp, Williams was spotted looking rejuvenated and happy after enjoying a ski trip with her husband, Spencer Matthews, and their children. The couple, who first met on a TV show in 2017 and got married the next year, has been making significant headways in the property market. They have successfully sold their London mansion and another property in Ireland, for a substantial amount of £6 million and £1.1 million, respectively. Subsequently, the couple moved into a newly purchased home in Dublin, saving them a significant amount in service charges that they were previously paying for their London home.

The Path of Continued Success

Williams and Spencer, who are also the proud owners of a property in Jersey, stand out for their strategic moves in the real estate market. A beaming Spencer reminisced about how he had predicted their union on their first meeting itself. Their continued triumph in both their personal as well as their professional lives, along with their unmatchable fashion choices, never fails to capture the public’s attention. They are undeniably a power couple in the world of couture, who extend their influence far beyond.


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