Viper Networks Secures Initial Highway Illumination Task in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka Welcomes Viper Networks, Inc. with its Inaugural Purchase Order for Smart City Lighting

According to a recent announcement by Viper Networks, Inc. (VPER), the digital infrastructure company, the firm has secured its first Purchase Order (PO) from Sri Lanka. As per the contract, the company is set to initiate freeway lighting installations, starting in February 2024. This expansion strategy involves setting up lighting systems in different sections within the path leading to the capital’s airport.

Global Infrastructure Expansion on the Horizon for Viper Networks

This maiden project signifies a giant leap for Viper Networks, serving as a stepping stone for even larger and more prominent initiatives. With these developments, the company is firmly placing itself on the map of global infrastructure projects. The company is shooting for the moon, as confirmed by its announcement that shipping for this project begins in February 2024.

County Roads Approval Marks Significant Achievement

Adding another feather to their cap, Viper Networks has obtained approval for its smart lighting solutions throughout county roads. This endorsement stands as proof of the company’s accelerated growth and its rising footprint in the realm of infrastructure projects. Furthermore, it paves the way for numerous potential ventures concerning county road applications, intensifying the company’s comprehensive portfolio and reach.

The Apollo Smart Cities System: A Lighting Revolution

Brimming with competitive contracts and tailor-made solutions calibrated to the needs of 2024, Viper Networks is set to revolutionize street lighting with its Apollo smart cities system. The introduction of this dynamic lighting system in Sri Lanka guarantees a promising future for its shareholders with fruitful returns from these accrued installation agreements.

Following an optimistic company tweet about the received purchase order and shipping schedule for the upcoming year, buzz has been building. The company’s official announcement for this landmark project in Sri Lanka is anticipated within a fortnight, marking another significant chapter in the company’s illustrious journey.

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