Vicky Jain admits to Ankita Lokhande his ‘errors’ in Bigg Boss residence 17, assures to ‘rectify it’

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A Dramatic Press Conference in “Bigg Boss 17”

The competitive reality show “Bigg Boss 17” is nearing its grand finale and with only eight contestants remaining, tensions are running high. Making matters even more interesting, the Bigg Boss allowed the press to enter the house and put the participants under the spotlight. Vicky Jain, husband of actress Ankita Lokhande, faced significant backlash by the press for his conduct towards his wife. This information comes from the direct sources at Reader Wall.

Vicky Jain Faces Press Critique

During the recent press interaction, Vicky Jain found himself under heavy criticism for his allegedly disrespectful behaviour towards Ankita Lokhande. This interaction was a brutal examination of his actions and conduct within the Bigg Boss house.

In an emotional moment, Vicky admitted that he was proud to be Ankita’s husband. Acknowledging his errors, he apologized to his visibly moved wife on his knees. The sight of her husband’s apology struck a deep chord with the “Pavitra Rishta” actress, making her quite emotional.

An Apology in the Bigg Boss House

As they faced the press, Vicky was criticized for his lack of support and respect towards his wife Ankita. In a redeeming gesture, he knelt down in front of everyone and asked for his wife’s forgiveness. Overwhelmed, Ankita moved forward and warmly hugged Vicky, accepting of his apology.

Vicky took the time to recognise his actions within the house, which had been called out by many individuals present during the day. He confessed that he hadn’t realized the magnitude of his behavior until others called attention to it.

Vicky’s Confession and Promise

Contrary to the version of him that people see on the reality show, Vicky revealed that he’s not the person he appears to be. He accepted losing sight of his relationship with Ankita during his journey in “Bigg Boss”. He apologetically addressed his wife, pledging to make things right.

Vicky expressed gratitude towards Ankita and reminded everyone that he was in the Bigg Boss house because of her. He admitted that he lost himself in the competition, but also reiterated his pride in being Ankita’s husband. His journey made him realize his mistakes, and he asked for forgiveness once again, promising to make up for his actions to Ankita.


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