Vesna Radeka to Launch 10 MW Okapi Solar Park in Sremska Mitrovica, Strengthening Southeast Europe’s Renewable Energy Sector

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Vesna Radeka Sets Foot in the Renewable Energy Arena with Okapi Solar Park

The Reader Wall News has obtained exclusive details about an ambitious new solar energy project in the heart of Serbia. Veteran private investor and entrepreneur Vesna Radeka has recently announced plans to build a 10 MW solar plant, to be named Okapi Solar Park. Setting her sights on the village of Lacarak in Sremska Mitrovica, this move highlights the increasing engagement in renewable energy investments in Southeast Europe.

Project Details of Okapi Solar Park

As per information obtained exclusively by our sources, the local government has disclosed the details of the project in recently released documents. The 10 MW Okapi Solar Park is set to be located in the serene village of Lacarak, which falls within the ambit of the Sremska Mitrovica municipality. While the government documents provide some details about the project, much remains under wraps, triggering anticipation and excitement for what’s to come.

A Tight-lipped Investment

With all eyes on this revolutionary development in the region, there is much interest and speculation around the financial magnitude of Radeka’s investment in the solar project. However, when pressed for details about the investment’s monetary value, an official from the Sremska Mitrovica municipality remained tight-lipped, choosing not to comment on the financial aspect of the project. Despite this, industry experts and observers are awaiting further announcements with eager anticipation.

Renewable Energy Interest Surges in Southeast Europe

The announcement of Radeka’s Okapi Solar Park is symptomatic of the wave of interest and investment flooding the renewable energy sector in Southeast Europe. From private investors to government entities, Southeast Europe is gradually becoming a hotspot for sustainable and renewable energy initiatives. Radeka’s project is just one of many, heralding a new era of renewable energy infrastructure that is set to transform the region’s energy landscape.


While all the specifics about the Okapi Solar Park remain closely guarded, one thing is clear: Vesna Radeka’s venture into the renewable energy space is a significant signal of changing times. As her project takes shape, our sources will continue to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date news about this exciting development in Southeast Europe’s renewable energy space.


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