EU Faces Unprecedented 541% Surge in West African Route Migration in Early 2024

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Surge in West African Route Migrant Numbers to EU in Early 2024

Record Influx Can Be Noted Over EU’s West African Route: Frontex

Frontex, the external border agency of the European Union, has reported a sharp rise in covert immigration along the West African route into the EU in the initial couple of months in 2024. According to our source, the agency documented a startling figure of 31,200 irregular border crossings, indicating a parallel to the almost record-breaking influx witnessed in the preceding year.

Unprecedented Surge in Immigrant Numbers Via the West African Route

The data from our source highlights a significant spike particularly in the path traversing West Africa. Recorded migrant numbers show an impressive 541% rise in comparison to the figures from the same timeframe in the earlier year. The startling figures bring light to the issue – the West African route, with its 12,100 illicit arrivals recorded in the months of January and February alone, has emerged as the most frequented migratory route into the EU.

Exceeding Past Records

This surge in immigration through the West African route has set a new precedent, with the numbers being the highest for these particular months since the commencement of Frontex’s data collection procedure in 2011. The data obtained lends insight into the gravity of the situation and indicates a pressing need to address the cause and effect of this massive influx into the EU.

The West African Route – The New Breeding Ground of Migration Troubles

  • The figures hint towards the West African route as the epicenter of this migration dilemma.
  • A surge of 12,100 arrivals were recorded in the first 60 days of 2024 alone through this path.
  • The West African route migration statistics for January and February 2024 mark an all-time high since Frontex began keeping tabs in 2011.

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