French Agglo du Gard Rhodanien Council Allocates €486,411 in Official Compensation for 2023

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Annual Compensation Figures for Gard Rhone Agglomeration Council Officials Revealed

According to recent reports, the 2023 annual compensation figures for the community elected officials of the Gard Rhone agglomeration council in France have been disclosed. As per our sources, the total amount comprises a sum of 486,411 euros.

This compensation amount represents the gross total, inclusive of charges specifically allocated for the officials’ remunerations.

Jean-Christian Rey Records Highest Earnings

Jean-Christian Rey, the president of the Gard Rhone agglomeration council, witnessed the highest sum of compensation, amounting to 64,357 euros. Revealing a comparative analysis from the past year’s compensation, Rey’s earnings showcased an increment of 1,441 euros.

Vice-Presidents’ Compensation Details

On the other hand, the compensation attributed to vice-presidents highlighted a range between 22,903 and 26,744 euros. Yves Cazorla and Benoît Trichot, serving vice-presidents, were identified as the top earners within this salary bracket.

Specific Details on Jean-Yves Chapelet’s Compensation

Providing insight into the compensation figures of city mayors, Jean-Yves Chapelet, the mayor of Bagnols and also the 7th vice-president of the council, received a total of 24,960 euros.

Compensation for Delegated Advisors

Additional details of the report also divulged the annual earnings of delegated advisors, indicating a range from 1,300 to 3,942 euros.

As the Gard Rhone agglomeration council continues to strive towards increasing transparency and promoting accountability in its operations, these compensation disclosures mark an important step. It reiterates the organization’s commitment to adopting a transparent approach, informing the public about the fiscal status of elected officials.

  • Jean-Christian Rey, the council president, marks the highest earnings: 64,357 euros.

  • Compensation for vice-presidents varied between: 22,903 euros to 26,744 euros.

  • Mayor of Bagnols, Jean-Yves Chapelet: 24,960 euros.

  • Delegated advisors’ annual earning ranged: 1,300 euros – 3,942 euros.


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