Uttarakhand Police Register Case Against Netizens for Harassing Singer Jubin Nautiyal Online

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Singer Jubin Nautiyal and Family Targeted by Social Media Harassment

Recent reports from our source reveal that legal proceedings have commenced against unidentified social media accounts for spreading injurious rumours and using derogatory language against popular Bollywood singer, Jubin Nautiyal and his family. This necessary response took place following the presentation of a formal complaint by Nautiyal’s manager, Rachit Garg, at a police station in Dehradun.

Complaint Background and Details

Garg shared with the police that the continual slew of harmful comments on Instagram and false associations made between Nautiyal and a film producer have caused significant emotional distress to the family. Despite Nautiyal’s efforts to dismiss these harmful comments, the online abuse persisted, leading to the filing of the complaint.

The manager emphasised that the unauthorized posts bore no relation to any actions made by the singer or his family. Furthermore, Garg shed light on a previous controversy involving Nautiyal, which was eventually withdrawn by the accuser who later confessed to have only been seeking attention and publicity.

Investigation Underway

The In-charge of the Rajpur police station, PD Bhatt, verified the commencement of the case. He mentioned how the cyber cell would be providing their expertise during the investigation to enable justice to be rightfully served.

  • Unidentified social media users targeted singer Jubin Nautiyal and his family with harmful comments.
  • Nautiyal’s manager, Rachit Garg, raised a formal complaint at the Dehradun-based Rajpur police station.
  • Persistent online abuse and defamation instigated Nautiyal’s decision to lodge the complaint.
  • The Rajpur police have since confirmed their commitment to the case and have initiated an investigation with the help of their cyber cell.


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