Kaspersky Bolsters Saudi Cybersecurity with Regional HQ, Transparency Center, and Youth Training

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Kaspersky Earns Regional Headquarters License in Saudi Arabia

Innovative Approach to Cybersecurity

According to our reliable sources, Kaspersky has secured the coveted Regional Headquarters License (RHQ) from the Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia. This significant event is a testament to the company’s dedication to strengthening and supporting the digital security systems within the country’s numerous economic sectors.

Boosting Business and Security in MENA region

The procurement of the RHQ doesn’t only beef up Kaspersky’s footprint in Saudi Arabia but also extends its influence across the MENA region. With the upgraded status, Kaspersky is better facilitated to manage operational procedures, stimulate sustainable business growth, concentrate on strategic progress, execute threat research, and provide personalized services. Specialty services include Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and ICS CERT, powered by a Saudi-based SOC.

Global Presence and Local Expansion

Holding a remarkable presence in over 200 countries and territories, Kaspersky extended its network with the inauguration of an office in Riyadh in 2022. Adding to its portfolio of achievements, the company launched its first-ever Transparency Center in Riyadh a year later in 2023, which will cater to the Middle East region. These endeavors fall in line with Saudi Arabia’s goals for digital transformation and the expected increase in cybercriminal activities due to emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

Contributing to Saudi Arabia’s Cybersecurity Framework

In further reinforcing its commitment to the Kingdom’s digital security, Kaspersky launched the Cyber Generation training program in 2023. This initiative includes an internship opportunity created to improve cybersecurity consciousness and expertise among the burgeoning talents in Saudi Arabia. The training and internship program is designed for individuals with diverse degrees of IT and cybersecurity acumen, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

Continued Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence

With the awarding of the RHQ and the launch of new initiatives, Kaspersky continues to assert its commitment to refining cybersecurity practices in the Kingdom and beyond, helping to lead the charge for a safer digital landscape. Stay on our source to get the latest updates in cybersecurity news and developments.


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