Usher Discloses Parenting Difficulties Amidst Stardom at Club Shay Shay Broadcast

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Usher Shares Parental Struggle of Balancing Celebrity Status and Personal Responsibilities

Celebrated singer Usher recently opened up about his experience of parenthood in a candid style. In an exclusive in-house interview for The Reader Wall, the platinum-selling artist delved into the hardships he encounters as a father, specifically to his teenage sons who, at times, prefer him to refrain from attending their public events, thereby avoiding the unwanted attention his fame attracts.

Struggling to Balance Celebrity Status and Responsibilities as a Dad

Usher remarked about the challenges he faces in respecting his children’s wishes for privacy, while also nurturing his instinctive need to be an attentive and supportive father. He disclosed how he tries to maintain a low-key profile, often choosing to sit at the back and symbolically making himself “as small as possible”.

In his family portrait, Usher has two teenage sons, Usher “Cinco” V and Naviyd Ely, from his previous marriage with Tameka Foster, along with two younger children, Sovereign Bo and Sire Castrello, with Jennifer Goicoechea, his current partner.

The Strength of Open Communication

Despite the unique challenges accompanying his celebrity status, Usher emphasized the role of open communication in nurturing his children. He spoke about the importance of connecting with his children, expressing his emotions, and ensuring they remain grounded despite their glamorous surroundings. Furthermore, he recognized the pressure his oldest son endures due to the shared name and highlighted the contrasting expectations brought about by their unique upbringing.

Reflecting on Personal Sacrifices and Celebrations

Usher also seized an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices he has made for his children’s well-being and celebrated differences in their upbringing as compared to his own. His love and fondness for his children were evident when he recently turned his son Cinco’s 16th birthday into a grand celebration and gave him a special shout out at one of his Las Vegas concerts.

The iconic singer also expressed excitement about his upcoming performance at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show. Viewing this event as a celebration of his two-decade-long music career, he shared how this represents a bond he has maintained with fans globally. Initially, he shared his insights on this milestone during an interview for a podcast by The Reader Wall named “This Rings True”. This interview revealed the singer’s enthusiasm and gratitude for his remarkable journey within the music industry.


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