Unveil Mobile and LoopMe: A Tactical Alliance to Revolutionize OOH Promotions

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Milestone Collaboration: Reveal Mobile and LoopMe Join Forces

In an unprecedented combination of talent and technology, renowned OOH (Out of Home) advertising measurement leader Reveal Mobile is coming together with AI-powered advertising pioneer LoopMe. Coming from our trusted source, this crucial partnership is aiming to bolster the effectiveness and accuracy of branding measurement in LoopMe’s range of services, including areas such as OOH, digital and connected TV (CTV) platforms. This union is being hailed as a significant step forward in the advertising industry, where campaign measurements need to be accurate and cost-effective.

OOH Advertising Enters a New Age

By harnessing the extensive knowledge of Reveal Mobile and integrating it with the already extensive services provided by LoopMe, the duo is hoping to transform the way OOH advertising campaigns are measured. The partnership intends to provide an in-depth understanding of how foot traffic and online engagement can provide comprehensive insights into brand lift across a multitude of advertising channels. This collaboration is the driving force behind a new, extensive campaign performance solution focusing on everything from brand lift to sales in the OOH advertising sphere.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Advertising Optimization

LoopMe’s proprietary AI-powered survey technology aims to optimize media campaigns in real-time. Its ability to provide a live feedback loop promises to radically enhance the performance of advertising campaigns. This collaboration with Reveal Mobile is expected to supercharge this technology, providing the industry with leading measurement capabilities across digital, OOH, and CTV channels. This collaboration marks a significant step in the evaluation of how OOH campaigns impact foot traffic, in-app interactions, and online activities, while also delivering brand lift measurements across varied consumer advertising channels.

Insights from the Industry Giants

Prominent figures such as Anna Bager of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, Lisa Coffey from LoopMe, and Randy Kilgore of Reveal Mobile have expressed their enthusiasm about this partnership. They emphasized the importance of this collaboration for enhancing media optimization, analytic capabilities and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns in the OOH sector, all of which promise to radically enrich the landscape of advertising.

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