Union Gap Signal Maintenance Alert: Traffic Disruptions Expected at Ahtanum and Longfibre Intersection

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Anticipating Daily Commute Challenges: An in-depth look

It is a well-known fact that daily commutes can often come laden with unexpected hurdles. Whether it’s the sporadic road work, traffic signal maintenance or the untimely breakdown of vehicles, these incidents considerably increase the complexity of traversing through the city streets. A prime example can be drawn from our very own Union Gap, where a significant intersection will undergo a revamp.

Traffic Notice on Upcoming Maintenance Work

As per information from our reliable source, important maintenance work is going to take place at an essential intersection in Union Gap on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. This intersection happens to be none other than Ahtanum Road and Longfibre Road. The said maintenance work is scheduled from 8 am to 5 pm and is expected to impose effects on all routes intersecting at this junction.

Be Prepared for Any Scenario

Till now, the authorities haven’t made it specifically clear if flaggers would be appointed to direct the traffic or a temporary stop sign would be installed. In any case, this calls for commuters to exhibit a higher level of caution than usual. Following the signs posted in the work zone is both, an obligation in avoiding fines as well as a crucial measure to prevent any potential accidents.

Consider Alternate Routes: Avoid the Hustle

With the anticipatory traffic disruption looming at the intersection, it would be prudent for the daily commuters to consider alternate routes for their journey on the particular date. This wouldn’t just save them from potential delays, but also contribute to a smoother traffic flow, reducing the chaos at the work zone.

Contact City of Union Gap Public Works Department

  • For further information, you can get in touch with the City of Union Gap Public Works Department.


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