Under Your Notice: 2024 Job Regulation Progress & Patterns

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Global Employment Law Changes in 2024:

A comprehensive look at the direction of global employment law in 2024 is encapsulated in ‘On Your Radar,’ a report that brings into focus the latest happenings and expected trajectories in employment law. Provided with this tool, international employers can acquire an in-depth comprehension of the varied changes effecting multiple labor markets and political systems. The report emphasizes the significance of awareness about these changes, particularly in the light of major tech-integration in workplaces and the introduction of family-friendly leave benefits.

Artificial Intelligence’s Growing Presence in the Workplace

The report places significant emphasis on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into workplaces, a trend specifically addressed in Portugal and Hong Kong. With AI usage, the way businesses function is predicted to see a major shift. However, this shift comes with its own set of legal considerations, such as, adjustments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act Summary of Rights disclosure form, and an updated advisory from the EEOC about AI usage in making employment decisions.

Melding of Technology and Digital Systems into Work Environments

Another noteworthy trend brought to light in the report is the continuous merging of technology and digital systems in workplaces. Keeping up with this trend, Bulgaria is on its way to establish new rules regarding digital employment records. Similarly, Croatia is considering regulatory mechanisms for digital work platforms. With these changes, an update in legislation is crucial to maintain compliance and safeguard worker rights.

Diversified Changes in Family-Friendly Leave Benefits

The report throws light on the varying changes seen in family-friendly leave benefits within different countries. Emphasis is given to new rules on paternity leave introduced in Singapore and Monaco, and alterations to parental leave policies in Spain and North Macedonia. These changes highlight the necessity for employers to not only understand, but adapt to the diverse legal landscapes seen internationally in the realm of employment.

Expected Minimum Wage Rates for 2024

‘On Your Radar’ provides a detailed account of the expected minimum wage rates in different countries for 2024, underscoring the importance for employers to keep themselves updated on these changes. The report also covers the evolving rules around cannabis testing for employment reasons, and the laws that prohibit inquiries about a potential employee’s salary history from employers.

The Growing Influence of ESG Factors

Insights from our Netherlands team in the report denote the increased weightage of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in workplaces. Emphasis is placed on the need for transparent reporting, and maintaining employee well-being and diversity within organizations. Readers requiring counsel and solutions customized to their organization’s needs are encouraged to reach out to CMS directly via email.

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