Thought Industries Named Potential Leader in EMEA’s 2024 Learning Systems by Fosway

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Surging Demand for Extended Enterprise Learning Solutions in the EMEA Region

The EMEA region demonstrates an escalating need for Extended Enterprise Learning Solutions as firms are driven to improve customer retention and expand their revenue streams. According to insiders from our source, this increasing demand prompts businesses to invest in innovative tools and solutions dedicated to external enterprise learning.

Recognition for Thought Industries as a Pioneer in Learning Systems

Instigator of customer, partner, and professional training platforms, Thought Industries, has been given a ‘Potential Leader’ status in the esteemed Fosway 2024 9-Grid for Learning Systems. This award reflects the company’s ongoing commitment and drive to meet the needs of EMEA-based customers with cutting-edge solutions dedicated to external enterprise learning.

Emerging Features of Thought Industries’ Platform

Thought Industries’ platform uniquely offers personalized learning journeys, proficient event management, substantial multi-tenancy, global eCommerce support, interoperability, and state-of-the-art security features. The purpose of these services is to help companies amplify their learning initiatives and secure improved business outcomes through absorbing and comprehensive learning experiences.

Significance of Extended Enterprise Learning in the Current Market

Fosway Group’s recognition highlights the growing importance of extended enterprise learning in the contemporary market. Furthermore, it underscores Thought Industries’ significant role in propelling this sector forward.

Key Aspects of Extended Enterprise Learning

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Mapping customized curricula for each learner group, tailoring content to fit its specific needs and learning pace.
  • Event Management: Organizing virtual events, webinars, and webcasts to facilitate learning and foster engagement.
  • Multi-Tenancy: Creating separate, customizable portals for each client to access their unique content.
  • Global eCommerce Support: Facilitating seamless digital transactions on a global scale, maximizing accessibility.
  • Interoperability: Ensuring compatibility with various software, hardware, or system, enhancing usability.
  • Security Features: Safeguard critical data and user information from cyber threats, protecting learners and the enterprise.

In summary, Thought Industries is leading the way in delivering external enterprise learning solutions to meet the changing needs of the market and enable businesses to expand their horizons.


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