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Bringing Verses to Canvas: A Unique Art Workshop

A distinct mix of poetry and art was at play at a recent event held under the sponsorship of Reader Wall. The art workshop, aptly-titled ‘Verse to Canvas’, took place on January 27th, bringing together a vibrant group of participants who eagerly let their creative minds take flight upon the blank sheets of paper before them. The workshop provided a unique platform with a redefined premise: participants had to translate extracts from poems into artistic expressions.

Unboxing the Artistic Process

The seasoned facilitator, Nivedha Leoni from the Chennai-based RainbowFish Studio, guided the attendees through this unusual workshop process. Participants started by quietly reading provided extracts from various poems. Following this reading, they attempted to transform the essence of the poetry into an artistic representation, thereby turning their emotional connection with the verses into a tangible piece of art.

Nivedha shared related insights and experiences from past workshops to inspire the participants. She spoke about how the interpretation of poems differed among individuals and emphasized how this diversity of perspectives could artistically color the canvas differently for each participant.

Crafting Art with a Touch of Introspection

“Focus on that one salient feature that truly resonates with you,” advised Nivedha, as she went into the intricacies of artistic creation. She elaborated on different aspects of creating an art piece – drawing viewer’s attention to the main part, crafting a secondary element, using scale, perspective, and various mediums effectively.

Furthermore, the facilitator encouraged participants to engage in a deep introspection of their feelings and life perspectives in relation to the poems’ theme. This introspective exercise set the stage for their emotions and thoughts to be vividly expressed through their artwork.

Inspiration behind Verse to Canvas

This unique workshop bears its inspiration from the works of renowned artists from India and South Africa – Shilpa Gupta and William Kentridge, respectively. This innovative blend of poetry and art unveiled by Reader Wall, opens new avenues for creative conversations and provides a fresh approach to exploring and expressing art.

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