The Azure Container features Sumaira Shaikh, Shalmali Kholghade, Aashti Miller at KGAF immerses us in Mumbai

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A Preview of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’s Antiquity Discoveries

News comes from the source of Reader Wall. An exclusive glimpse into the world of exploration has been unveiled by Antiquity Natural Mineral Water and The Plated Project, part of the famous Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, at the unique pop-up venue, The Blue Box located at Yashwantrao Chavan Centre, Mumbai. The initiative was kick-started by an illustrious panel featuring architect and artist Aashti Miller, Chitresh Sinha, and Indrani Bhuyan.

The Blue Box: An Immersive Art Exhibit

The Blue Box is a ground-breaking multi-sensory art exhibit that guides viewers on a remarkable journey, allowing them to delve into the city’s life through the keen eye of a heron. This exhibition encourages participants to appreciate the blend of the past and the present, traditional art, and modern technology, as well as distinctive places and objects that capture the spirit of the city.

A New Dimension to Art and Architecture

Aashti Miller provides insights into what excites her about this project. She expresses her delight in discovering new perspectives on common topics. This project allowed her to realize her dream of creating an interactive installation. As an architect, she enjoys adding depth to her two-dimensional work. Therefore, viewing her work transformed into an interactive three-dimensional exhibit was incredibly fulfilling. The project offers three different artworks that alternately come on display, shifting with time, and encouraging multiple visits.

Additional Events

The Blue Box also hosted a noteworthy screening and discourse by renowned architect-turned-sculptor Arzan Khambatta. Furthermore, stand-up comedy shows were conducted by Mohammad Hussain, Aman Jotwani, and Sumaira Shaikh on January 27th.

Mastering the Airwaves

  • The much-awaited event was hosted by RJ Rohit Varghese in conversation with RJ Akshaya Iyer. The duo took a deep dip into the magic of radio and its enduring relevance in the fast-paced digital age.
  • Debate on AI and its Impact on Creativity and Creators

  • This engaging panel discussion included industry veterans such as Shalmali Kholgade, Singer-Songwriter, Raghav Meatle, Singer, Sherrin Varghese, Musician-Actor (Band of Boys), Himanshu Bagai, Senior Advocate IP and Copyright, and Mayur Puri, Songwriter, Actor-Screenwriter, and Film Director.
  • These enthusiastically awaited events are just a glimpse of what The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’s Antiquity Natural Mineral Water and The Plated Project has to offer. An art enthusiast must not miss this grand opportunity.

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