Tata Group collaborates with France’s Airbus to produce civilian helicopters

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Tata Group and Airbus Form a Collaboration

In an announcement made by foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra, Tata Group, an Indian multinational conglomerate, and Airbus, a European aerospace corporation, have entered into an agreement. This news, an exclusive from the Reader Wall source, was confirmed during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to India.

Collaboration on Civilian Helicopters Development

Kwatra confirmed that the Tata Group and Airbus collaboration aims to develop H125 civilian helicopters, adding an indigenous and localisation aspect to the partnership. This alliance builds on their existing co-venture to manufacture the C-295 transport aircraft in Gujarat, the home state of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Through this agreement, the plan is to establish a final assembly line (FAL) for helicopters, Airbus shared in a statement. Not only is this production intended for India, but also for export to neighbouring countries. In terms of practicality and setup time, Airbus estimates the FAL should be up and running in 24 months, anticipating the delivery of helicopters to begin in 2026. The exact location of the new facility will be a joint decision between the two companies.

Additional Defense Cooperation between India and France

Beyond the industrial partnership between Tata Group and Airbus, additional defence sector cooperation was on the discussion table during Macron’s state visit to India. A potential collaboration involves Safran, a French engine maker, assisting in the manufacture of fighter jet engines on Indian soil.

“Safran is fully prepared to fully transfer technology in design, development, certification, production and so forth,” stated India’s Ambassador to France, Jawed Ashraf. He added that talks are ongoing.

Underlying Discussions on the Shakti Jet Engine Deal

Ashraf elaborated on the discussions between India and Safran, directly related to the Shakti jet engine deal. The aim of these talks is to establish specifications that align with the needs of India’s future fighter jets.

While the conversation undoubtedly includes the transfer of manufacturing technology, Ashraf highlighted that the present discussion delves deeper. It encapsulates the design phase, metallurgical aspects, and other critical elements integral to crafting advanced jet engines.

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