Stunning Champions of European Wildlife Picture Contest Revealed

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The German Society for Nature Photography Unveils Winners of Global Competition

The German Society for Nature Photography recently hosted an international photography contest, which received an impressive number of entries. This competition drew the interest of more than 1,000 professional photographers from a total of 36 countries, culminating in a staggering 19,000 entries. The prestigious competition had eight categories and received a diverse array of submissions that showcased the beauty and diversity of nature and wildlife from around the world.

Spain’s Angel Fitor Wins ‘European Wildlife Photographer of the Year’

Spanish photographer Angel Fitor emerged victorious in this year’s competition, winning in the prized title “European Wildlife Photographer of the Year”. His standout entry titled ‘Medusa Ballet’, showed a dance of giant jellyfish in the Mar Menor lagoon. This breath-taking photograph, filled with life and movement, earned Angel Fitor the much-desired award.

Underwater Photographer Mike Korostelev’s Award-Winning Shot

Distinguished underwater photographer Mike Korostelev received praise and accolades for his cinematic-like photo that could easily be mistaken for a movie poster. Korostelev’s photograph showcases a dramatic encounter between a diver and a whale, effectively capturing the magnificence and beauty of underwater life.

Danny Green Shines with ‘After the Rain’

Danny Green, a British photographer, won in the category dedicated to mammals with his photograph, ‘After the Rain’. This emotionally charged image of a red stag deer post rainfall encapsulates the unfiltered and natural beauty of wildlife. Other outstanding entries included Kirsty Andrews’ ‘Hairy Scary’ fish image, Marco Gaiotti’s intimate walrus photo, Nicholas Samaras’ picture of a Macedonian crested newt, and Daniel Florman’s ‘Attack’, a visual representation of a crocodile.

Insight into the Wealth of Global Photography Talent

The competition has provided a platform to display the artistic and narrative skills of photographers across the globe. Each photo submitted acts as a testament to the beauty and resilience of nature and serves to remind us of our own role in sustaining our environment.


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