Stevenson Clan Repository Sale: A Crossroads of Technical Genius and Literary Excellence

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Stunning Stevenson Family Archive Highlights a Legacy of Engineering and Literary Brilliance

A remarkable collection of personal documents recounting the multifaceted accomplishments of the distinguished Stevenson family is set to be auctioned by Lyon & Turnbull. This unique archive covers the family’s influence from Robert Stevenson’s birth in 1772 until D Alan Stevenson’s passing in 1971. Our source affords us an incredible glimpse into this storied family’s history.

The Impressive Stevenson Legacy in Engineering

The Stevenson family is most renowned for its vanguard contributions to lighthouse design, including the famous Bell Rock Lighthouse. But their innovative mindset didn’t stop there, and the family also improved city infrastructure, such as bridges and sewage systems. Among their numerous engineering feats, Robert Stevenson’s creation of intermittent flashing lights and his role in the design of the majority of Scotland’s lighthouses truly shine brightly. The torch of brilliance was carried on by his grandsons, including Thomas, who was the father to the esteemed author, Robert Louis Stevenson. They continued nurturing this legacy by designing lighthouses in Scotland and all over the world.

A Literary Lineage

The Stevenson family’s talents were rather diverse and greatly impacted the world of literature. The family is home to Robert Louis Stevenson, the revered author of classics such as ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. At the auction, a letter penned by Robert Louis Stevenson, a sent photograph to his uncle David Stevenson, and the illustrated manuscript of signals for the Bell Rock Lighthouse will be presented as part of the collection.

The Conclusion of an Inspirational Epoch

D Alan Stevenson, the end of the family’s engineering prodigy lineage, is also prominently featured in the auction with his collection of rare stamps and atlases. The auction, which has garnered significant intrigue, features items expected to bring in bids ranging from £45,000 to £68,000. Cathy Marsden, head of books and manuscripts at Lyon & Turnbull, extolled the significance of the archive as a testament to the innovative genius of numerous generations of the Stevenson family in the field of engineering.


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