Stevenson Clan Repository: A Bid Exhibit Showing Insights on Technical and Literary Past

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An Unprecedented Archive of the Esteemed Stevenson Family

The renowned Stevenson family, known for their significant contributions to the worlds of both literature and engineering, are set to have their invaluable historical archive auctioned by Lyon & Turnbull. The Stevenson Collection is a testament of two centuries and four generations of this remarkable family, tracing the timeline from Robert Stevenson’s birth in 1772 to D Alan Stevenson’s passing in 1971.

Insight into Masterful Feats and Accomplishments

The spectacular collection includes numerous invaluable artifacts such as correspondences by the eminent Robert Louis Stevenson, author of timeless classics like ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde.’ Among the highlights is a letter by Robert dispatched from his personal yacht and a captured image from his time in Samoa. Noteworthy too is an intricately designed manuscript outlining the signal system used between the Bell Rock Lighthouse and the Arbroath Signal Tower, presenting a definitive association of the family’s engineering prowess.

An Ode to Stevenson Engineering Marvels

The Bell Rock Lighthouse, perched on the Angus coast, embodies Robert Stevenson’s brilliant engineering. Recognized as the oldest operational lighthouse across the UK, it marvelously stands defiant on a treacherous sandstone reef. The auction additionally presents a selection of rare stamps and atlases from D Alan Stevenson, who was the final Stevenson to venture into lighthouse engineering.

A Legacy Crafted in Mortar and Prose

The legacy of the Stevenson lineage in the realm of engineering, specifically in crafting lighthouses, is evident. They were the architects behind the majority of Scotland’s lighthouses, alongside other vital structures such as railways and bridges. The auction, predicted to generate a substantial interest, carries an estimated worth of £45,000 to £68,000.

    Renowned for their contributions to the literary and engineering worlds.

  • Collection traces two centuries and four generations of the remarkable Stevenson family.
  • Auction to feature rare artifacts, from letters to intricately designed manuscripts and stamps.
  • Stevenson’s legacy in engineering includes Scotland’s majority lighthouses and other vital structures.
  • Auction estimated to be worth between £45,000 and £68,000.

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