Sonata Software Expands European Footprint with New Delivery Centre in Kraków, Poland

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Sonata Software Reveals Expansion Plans Via Dedicated Delivery Centre in Poland

Sonata Software has recently shared ambitious aims to expand its operations with the introduction of a new delivery centre in Kraków, Poland. As revealed by our sources, this strategy is designed to meet the growing requirements for business transformation, modernisation, and cost optimisation initiatives by global clients.

Poland: A Prime IT Hub

A significant factor in Sonata’s decision to set up a delivery centre in Poland is the country’s rich tech talent pool, highly favorable economic environment, and top-tier IT infrastructure. These elements make it an optimal location for the establishment of the new centre. As per our sources within the company, this move is a crucial part of Sonata’s broader strategy to bolster its regional capabilities, provide close-to-client service delivery and to more effectively penetrate the European market.

Investment in Cutting-Edge Capabilities

Further, Sonata Software has plans to invest significantly into the centre to focus on enhancing its advanced capabilities in Generative AI and Cybersecurity. Admirably, the firm’s Harmoni.AI, a Responsible-First AI system, has begun to attract international attention for its commitment to trust, privacy, security, compliance, and ethics.

Sonata’s Growth Goal and Employment Opportunities

Given its future-focused planning, Sonata has the objective to achieve a staggering goal of $1.5 billion by the end of FY’26. Plus, it’s intending to expand its team by over 100 professionals within the year in this region.

Presence and Impact Globally

With its headquarters situated in Bengaluru, India, Sonata Software has a robust global presence and is considered a dependable partner across multiple sectors, including TMT, Retail and CPG, Manufacturing, BFSI, and HLS.

In summary…

  • Sonata Software plans to expand its operations in Kraków, Poland, aiming to meet growing global demand for business transformation, modernisation, and cost optimisation.
  • The choice of Poland owing to its rich tech talent pool, favorable economic conditions, and robust IT infrastructure.
  • Sonata Software intends to develop its capabilities in Generative AI and Cybersecurity, backed by their globally recognized Responsible-First AI system, Harmoni.AI.
  • Sonata seeks to reach a goal of $1.5 billion by FY’26 and plans to hire over 100 professionals within this year.
  • The firm maintains a strong worldwide presence, being a trusted ally across diverse sectors.
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