SHL Medical Secures Advanced Machinery to Enhance In-House Manufacturing

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In a strategic move to strengthen its in-house manufacturing capabilities, SHL Medical, a Swiss provider of advanced drug delivery solutions, has announced the acquisition of Superior Tooling Inc., a North Carolina-based expert in plastic injection molds. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in SHL’s efforts to expand globally and improve customer service.

Enhancing In-House Manufacturing

Through this acquisition, SHL aims to enhance its own manufacturing capabilities, particularly for its new US manufacturing site located in North Charleston, South Carolina, which is scheduled to begin operations in mid-2024. The expertise of Superior Tooling will undoubtedly improve SHL’s strategic manufacturing operations on a global scale. This move aligns perfectly with SHL’s commitment to in-house manufacturing and tooling as its primary strengths.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Autoinjectors

This acquisition highlights SHL’s global strategy to meet the increasing demand for autoinjectors—an area in which SHL is determined to maintain its leadership position. Ulrich Faessler, the CEO of SHL, expressed confidence in the growing demand for SHL’s autoinjectors, particularly in fields such as diabetes and weight management. He warmly welcomed Superior Tooling to the SHL family.

Collaboration and Synergies

Superior Tooling is expected to collaborate with SHL’s existing tooling departments to develop innovative solutions for a global customer base. Robbie Earnhardt, the president of Superior Tooling, expressed confidence in the synergies and benefits that this collaboration will bring to their shared customers. He believes that the combined expertise of both companies will deliver significant value to customers worldwide.

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