Shareholder Blueprint Unveils Enhanced Assessments for Orange SA and BBVA

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Telecommunication and Finance Sectors Witness Notable Surges

Key players in the telecommunication and banking sectors are experiencing significant shifts in ratings, according to a model developed by our in-house experts. Both Orange SA (ORAN) and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA) have seen an encouraging lift in their ratings.

Orange SA Reinforces Its Position in The Telecommunications Market

Orange SA, a prominent Telco company based in France, has noted a significant uptick in its rating – it has risen from 69% to a robust 76%. This shift indicates a strengthening in the company’s fundamental and valuation statuses. A rating that surpasses 80% indicates growing interest, and anything above 90% points to high levels of investor focus. With presence across multiple segments such as France, Spain, Europe, Africa & Middle East, Enterprise, International Carriers & Shared Services, and the Orange Bank, Orange SA’s consistent performance in the Telco industry is undeniable.

BBVA Cements Its Standing in The Finance Sector

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA), a multifaceted financial institution involved in numerous areas like retail banking and asset management, has also seen its own rating escalate. The company’s rating has surged from 76% to an impressive 83%. Spread across regions like Spain, the United States, Turkey, Mexico, South America, and the rest of Eurasia, BBVA’s balance sheet fundamentals and valuation have undoubtedly strengthened. The recent increase in BBVA’s rating signifies this long-standing resilience.

Investment Approach of “Contrarian” Focus Leads to Discovering Hidden Opportunities

Our in-house model, inspired by the contrarian investment strategy championed by prominent investor David Dreman, aims to present hidden undervalued stocks with promising future prospects. Dreman is famous for his successful Kemper-Dreman High Return Fund and his enlightening columns in the financial press. His investment methodologies have a consistent track record in predicting probable market victories. Such an approach aligns with the recent rating changes of Orange SA and BBVA, indicating their growing appeal in the market.

Our dedicated team is committed to making available such innovative investment research services and model portfolios, modeled on the strategies of finance industry legends like Dreman. These insights are essential tools provided to our investors to make sound investment decisions.

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