Scott MacKenzie Disposes 25% of Her Amazon Shares

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MacKenzie Scott Sells Approximately 25% of her Amazon Shares

MacKenzie Scott, the previous wife of’s founder, Jeff Bezos, has reportedly sold a massive share of her holdings in the esteemed e-commerce company. Scott decimated her stake by around a quarter last year, totaling an estimated 65.3 million shares. With Amazon’s closing price acting as an approximation guide, it is believed the shares sold measures to approximate $10.4 billion. Our source of this news comes directly from Reader Wall.

How Scott Emerged as One of the Most Affluent Women Globally

The financial journey of MacKenzie Scott took a tremendous leap in 2019 when she divorced Jeff Bezos. The split led to her acquisition of a considerable 4% ownership in Amazon, a fortune valued back then at $36 billion. This tremendous windfall elevated her status amongst the wealthiest women in the world.

Her Philanthropic Commitments and Vow to Donate Fifty Percent of Her Fortune

Scott plunged into the deep waters of philanthropy back in 2019 when she pledged to bestow half of her fortune to philanthropic endeavors. Her resource contributions since then have been steered towards various diverse initiatives, all subscribing to a common goal of improving the wellbeing of the underprivileged. Despite her ongoing sale of the Amazon shares, her net worth, according to Forbes, remains at an impressive $42.6 billion to this Friday. This staggering wealth, considering her commitments to philanthropy, firmly anchors her position in the fight for global parity.

Her Future Path Entwined With Philanthropy and Investment Decisions

The sales of Scott’s Amazon holdings provide a glimpse into the elaborate interplay of financial power and aspiration. Her investment decisions, along with her remarkable philanthropic engagements, outline a clear objective of facilitating wealth redistribution, thus promoting a more balanced world. As she perpetually sheds her Amazon shares, her influence and commitment to philanthropy are expected to increase, potentially causing pronounced fluctuations in her personal wealth and promoting transformative shifts in global wealth distribution.

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