Santa Monica to Honor Lloyd Allen by Renaming Park, Mayor Brock Champions Urban Forestry

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Santa Monica State of the City Address: Reflect, Reset, Renovate

In a recent State of the City address, Mayor Phil Brock of Santa Monica unveiled his vision for the city, touching on strategic areas such as homelessness, economic development, equity, and urban forestry. He also made a notable announcement regarding the renaming of Virginia Avenue Park in honor of Lloyd Allen, the city’s first African American Recreation Parks commissioner.

Key Strategic Areas

The Mayor highlighted several strategic areas that he believes require immediate attention and action, as presented in his annual address.

  • Homelessness: A leading concern for the city that needs to be addressed immediately. The focus is on creating comprehensive solutions to support and assist the homeless community.
  • Economic Growth: Santa Monica needs to ensure its economic engine continues to run smoothly, with growth being a top priority in the coming year.
  • Equity: Mayor Brock emphasized the importance of fostering an inclusive city, where everyone is given equal opportunities and treated fairly.
  • Urban Forestry and Green Spaces: Integral to the city’s future, urban forestry creates healthier environments with more trees and open spaces in new developments and the transformation of Santa Monica Airport into community open spaces.

A Grand Salute to Lloyd Allen

In a notable announcement, Mayor Brock revealed his plan to rename Virginia Avenue Park after the city’s first Black Recreation Parks commissioner, Lloyd Allen. This is seen as a significant gesture appreciating diversity, recognition, and inclusivity within Santa Monica’s community.

History and Future of the City: Recreation, Art and Green Spaces

Mayor Brock invited the city’s residents to take a journey down memory lane as he reflected on the creation of the Recreation and Arts Department. He also laid out future plans, including the development of a universally accessible playground at Douglas Park.

The mayor reiterated his commitment to ensure every resident has access to more green spaces within a 10-minute walk from their homes. The city plans to achieve this by focusing on the importance of urban forestry and initiating a drive to include more trees and open spaces in new developments.

The transformation of Santa Monica Airport into a community-oriented open space reinforces the mayor’s commitment towards creating a more green, inclusive, and equitable city. The proposed changes are anticipated to augment city residents’ quality of life significantly.

A Community Bonded by Spirit and History

Mayor Brock’s speech served not only as a roadmap for the future but also as a celebration of Santa Monica’s vibrant community spirit and rich history. As the city enters the new year, the Mayor’s emphasis is on reflection, resetting, and renovating the city’s infrastructure and facilities while never forgetting the community that got us there.

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