San Miguel Corp. Increases Green Energy Funding Amid Rising Power Demands in the Philippines

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San Miguel Corp. Upscales Investment in Clean Energy

The multi-industry titan in the Philippines, San Miguel Corp. (SMC) is rapidly broadening its investments in the clean energy space. Led by their dynamic president and CEO, Ramon Ang, the corporation directly contributes to their industry diversification strategy, that includes sectors like food businesses and critical infrastructural areas like expressways, railways, and airports. The chief objective is to enhance the standard of living in the Philippines and create a sustainable future for its residents.

Focusing on Cleaner Energy Solutions

Drawing attention to the key objectives of the corporation, Ang explains that the focus on innovative transition technologies is pivotal to facilitating a greener energy future. One such pioneering technology is the battery energy storage systems (BESS). Essentially, these are large-scale batteries that can store surplus power and distribute it as needed, thus serving as a backup during times of peak demand and power failures.

Nationwide Network of Integrated BESS

San Miguel Global Power Holdings Corp., SMC’s energy arm, is paving the way with a network of 32 battery storage stations scattered across the nation. This network, boasting a cumulative capacity of 1,000 megawatts, holds the distinction of not only being the first of its kind in the Philippines but also among the most expansive integrated BESS networks globally. This undertaking underlines SMC’s firm commitment towards adopting innovative clean energy solutions.

The Masinloc power facility, now managed by SMC, was the first to utilize BESS technology in the Philippines and Southeast Asia in 2016. It adopted cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries, further solidifying SMC’s reputation as an innovative leader in the clean energy field.

Widening the Scope of Renewable Energy

Furthermore, SMC is embarking on an ambitious mission to extend its renewable energy portfolio. At present, this portfolio comprises the Angat dam and the San Roque hydro dam, both serving as recognizable landmarks in the country’s renewable energy sector. The corporation envisions incorporating more solar farms and onshore wind energy facilities into its portfolio, thereby reinforcing its dedication towards promoting renewable energy and caring for the environment.

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