Romancehive Faces Sound Protest: Pursues Retrospective Project Approval

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Sex Toy Company Lovehoney in Sound Clash with Local Neighbourhood

News just in from our own Reader Wall sources confirms that Lovehoney, a prominent sex toy firm headquartered in Bath, is currently tackling objections raised by locals. The complaints stem from the level of noise produced by four heat pumps situated at their warehouse location. These pumps, operational from as early as 4 am each morning, allegedly exceed ambient noise ratings by an unsettling 16 decibels. Reacting to the backlash, Lovehoney has initiated steps to obtain retrospective consent for these heating installations.

Expert Opinions on Noise Management

Intending to remedy the situation, Chris Parker-Jones, a specialist acoustic consultant, was brought in to undertake a comprehensive noise impact evaluation. Having analyzed the issue, Parker-Jones suggested a practical solution that entailed the use of acoustic enclosures for the criticized heat pumps. This move is expected to dampen the noise thereby comforting residents who have been disconcerted by the disturbing noise originating from the Lovehoney depot.

Standpoint of Lovehoney

First established in 2002, Lovehoney transitioned to its current warehouse just a year later. Gary Box, speaking on behalf of the company, elaborated on the situation. He affirmed that the heat pumps, now under dispute, were a part of a conscious effort by the firm to lower power usage and decrease their carbon footprint. This was accomplished by substituting a short-term gas boiler and an electrical chiller with a more sustainable alternative.

Local Council’s Response

Following the complaints, the company has been urged to provide amended plans and a detailed report from the casing manufacturer evidencing the noise reduction potential of this proposal. Pending these documents, the Bath and North East Somerset Council is slated to decide on the validity of the application. This ruling will ultimately determine whether Lovehoney’s endeavours to lessen noise pollution will indeed become a reality.

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