Rise and Grind Coffee Haus Wins Best New Business at Beloit’s Annual Downtown Association Dinner

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Rise and Grind Coffee Haus Scoops Best New Business Award at Downtown Beloit Association’s Annual Dinner

Owners of the Rise and Grind Coffee Haus, Joyce DesJardin and Paige Hoops, were the proud recipients of the Best New Business Award, a testament to their dedication and contribution towards the local business community. The award was conferred during the Downtown Beloit Association’s annual gala, observed at the opulent Grande Hall, an event on our sources’ calendar that uplifts local achievements and success stories.

Leap into Downtown: A Celebration of Past Year’s Success

The theme of the event was ‘Leap into Downtown’, intended not only as a celebration of past success but also as a glimpse of the bright future potential for downtown Beloit. The soirée recognized outstanding businesses and influential individuals, which have helped shape the economic and social landscape of the community.

Downtown Beloit Association’s Annual Meeting Marks More Than Just an Award Function

While bestowing accolades was a central highlight, the association’s annual meeting and dinner also stressed the importance of community contributions. It was an occasion that commended the collaborative efforts of various local businesses in contributing to the downtown area’s resurgence and vibrancy. Notably, among the celebrated recipients were also the Downtown Beloit Association itself, awarded for its continual commitment to enhancing the region.

A Gathering That Echoed Community Spirit

The event was more than just an award ceremony. It resonated deeply with a rich community spirit, honoring the collective efforts that promote growth and well-being in downtown Beloit. A theme consistently observed throughout the event was the continuous efforts and deep dedication of local businesses, individuals, and associations that significantly contribute towards the city’s growth and development.

Shining a Light on Excellence and Dedication

The event’s spotlight was strategically pointed towards various local businesses that demonstrated excellence and dedication towards improving downtown Beloit. The intent was to underscore the value of community commitment and to inspire others to similarly contribute to Beloit’s growth. Our sources note the palpable sense of community spirit and the shared vision for continued prosperity in the region.


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