Procat Partners with Inomist for Strategic Communication Expansion in Global Markets

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Procat and Inomist Communications Join Forces for Global Expansion

Our sources confirm that Procat, a leading call center provider since 2004, has now opted for Inomist Communication Consultancy to invigorate its communication initiatives. Well-respected within the industry, Procat manages operations for over 40 high-profile brands globally, with customer service capabilities in more than 16 languages.

An Industry Champion Pursues Continued Growth

Procat’s reputation for success is significant and well-earned. It has secured a strong presence in both local and international markets, becoming a preferred partner of renowned e-commerce leaders in Turkey, while simultaneously handling customer experience projects of utmost importance across multiple sectors.

In an impressive move of strategic expansion, Procat opened its first overseas office in the United Kingdom in 2017. This step has fueled continued growth, extending its service offerings to leading European brands and persistently seeking further market penetration with a bold and determined outlook.

Inomist Brings Rich Experience and Versatility to the Table

Inomist Communication Consultancy, the newly selected collaborator for Procat, proudly exhibits a varied portfolio. It boasts extensive experience working with both global and local brands traversing a range of industries, including technology, healthcare, and automotive among others.

Transforming the Call Center Labyrinth with a United Front

This alliance perfectly sets the stage for Procat’s goal of raising the bar for customer communication centers. With Inomist’s support, Procat’s determination and impactful presence in the call center industry will undoubtedly lead to transformational changes in customer experiences for their numerous esteemed clients.

  • Procat’s engagement with Inomist Communication Consultancy symbolizes a strategic alliance aimed at amplifying and enriching the call center experiences for top-tier brands globally.
  • Procat’s international growth strategy, initiated with the opening of a UK office, is expected to gain momentum with the consultancy providing strategic insights.
  • Inomist’s diversified operational experience across sectors should add depth to Procat’s services, setting new consumer experience standards in the industry.
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