Prestatyn Concert Marks Ukraine Invasion Anniversary, Raises Funds for War Effort

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Ukrainian Invasion Anniversary Concert in Prestatyn Raises Funds

Event Highlights

On February 24, the Trinity Methodist Church in Prestatyn hosted a full-house charity concert. The event served a dual purpose: remembering the exact two-year milestone of Russia invading Ukraine and fund raising to aid the beleaguered nation. Anchoring on diverse elements of Ukrainian culture, the evening’s offerings extended from music performances to a raffle, including ethnic culinary delights and home-baked cakes.

Performances: A Blend of Culture and Crisis

The line-up of artists spanned various disciplines, making a harmonic symphony of violin, piano, and traditional bandura performances. Celebrated talents like violinists Olga and Denis, pianists Anna, Elina, and Karolina, bandurist Iryna, and opera singer Khrystyna graced the stage. Signature Ukrainian compositions echoed throughout the night, interspersed with performances by singers Oleksandr and Maria and a vibrant children’s choir.

However, the concert was not just a celebration of Ukrainian music but also a stark reminder of the ongoing crisis. Attendees were educated about Ukrainian culture, pre and post war, underlining the ongoing conflict and the critical need for continual support.

Fundraising Success

In an impressive response, the concert ended up collecting £2,910. The funds will be utilized to purchase tourniquets and first-aid kits, intended for use in Ukraine. Seizing the opportunity to help, attendees contributed generously.

Community Responds to Ukrainian Crisis

This concert is the latest in a series of fundraising initiatives across Denbighshire and Conwy since the beginning of the invasion. From purchasing medical supplies and a device for night vision mine clearance to securing a vehicle for use in combat zones, these local efforts have been consistent in their support for war-stricken Ukraine.

Moving Forward

As we look forward to more such events, we remember those struggling and uphold the resilience embodied by the Ukrainian people. Despite the challenges, their spirit persists, resonating in the music we share and in our hearts.

We will continue to remain vigilant, expanding our events and challenges to continue supporting Ukraine in this ongoing conflict. With community partnerships and generous donations from people like you, we hope to make a significant difference in these trying times.

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