Portsmouth Bus Terminal Overhaul Begins: A 19-Week Project to Revitalize Gunwharf Quays Access

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Portsmouth City Council Commences Restoration Project for Gunwharf Quays Bus Terminal

In an in-house report, we have learnt that the Portsmouth City Council has embarked on a major refurbishment endeavour for the principal bus station in the vicinity of Gunwharf Quays. The refurbishment is set to be in progress for approximately 19 weeks, commencing on June 10 and expected to conclude by mid-October.

Challenges of an Aging Infrastructure

The bus terminal in question was initially erected during the 1970s. Its notable characteristic is its underlying structure, which stretches beneath the soil surface and into the neighbouring seabed. Despite its considerable service, the terminal has shown considerable signs of wear and tear over the years, particularly on the bus apron. This wear has necessitated major restoration efforts to ensure the terminal remains functional and safe for routine bus operations.

Gerald Vernon-Jackson Authorises the Restoration

Faced with the demands of rehabilitation, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, the cabinet member responsible for transport, has given his approval for the indispensable work this project requires.

Details of the Project

Our trusted source has reported the restoration project is not just a show of maintaining aesthetics or addressing a worn appearance. The aging substructure’s state calls for attention to ensure it remains suitable as the lifeline for transport in the area. More than four decades of continuous degradation has left the terminal in need of a thorough overhaul.

Impact of the Restoration

Being an active hub for the city’s transport system, the renovation is bound to create disruption. However, it’s a necessary inconvenience to maintain the safety and longevity of the terminal. Work is scheduled to ensure minimal disruption to the normal bus routes and limit hindrance to the public as much as possible.


The restoration process, though temporarily disruptive, is a crucial step towards maintaining and improving the city’s public transport infrastructure. On completion, commuters will enjoy the benefits of a safer, more reliable bus terminal capable of serving the city’s needs for years to come.


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