Plant Coined Kits Growth Plan with ‘Plant to Move’ During Health Crisis Recuperation

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The Ohio-Based Sow Plated Embarks on a New Culinary Journey

Sow Plated, a culinary establishment located in Upper Arlington that first opened its doors to the community in 2019, is embarking on a new journey to reshape the culinary scene of Columbus, Ohio. Taking on the aftermath of the pervasive pandemic, it comes out stronger with an exciting plan to expand its influence by launching new ‘Sow to Go’ sub-stores. This upscaling demonstrates the organization’s innovative spirit and resilience during such testing times.

Advancement towards Expansion

The ‘Sow to Go’ expansion plan is anticipated to be unveiled across two new areas—a 1,200-square-foot area at Gravity and a more compact location at GreenHouse, based in Short North. These two sites belong to the Kaufman Development projects and demonstrate the steady progress of the brand. Two of the key people driving this expansion plan are John and Sunny Fahlgren, the founders. This move displays their promise to enhance mental well-being through nutritional choices. Alongside Louis Hatzipetrakos, a new ally in equity, the original Sow Plated restaurant has undergone a reformation by reverting to regular operation hours, expanding its food variety, and even introducing a happy hour filled with exciting deals.

The Principle of Sow Plated

At the center of Sow Plated’s operation is a commitment to serve healthy, convenient, and allergen-free eating options. The food variety on the menu is carefully curated around twelve crucial nutrients, responding to a heightened demand for meals that provide a balance in nutrition. The newly unveiled ‘Sow to Go’ locations will incorporate a range of Sow Plated’s most popular dishes in a quick-service restaurant setup. Alongside this, a full coffee program and a multitude of rejuvenating smoothies will be available.

Tactical Business Approach

The planned expansion is not limited to geographical advancement; it is also a maneuver to pilot new brand ideas and increase the effectiveness of the Upper Arlington outlet. The primary location will double as a supply kitchen for the incoming branch locations, thus enhancing the brand’s economy and expanding their delivery and carryout services. The ‘Sow to Go’ branches, offering delivery and carryout options, aim to transform dining experiences by seamlessly combining health, convenience, and flavor.

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