Pearl Kapur: The Richest Tycoon Steering Web3 Tech with Zyber 365

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A New Billionaire Distinction: Pearl Kapur of Zyber 365 Technologies

Stepping into the sphere of billionaires, Pearl Kapur, a 27-year old tech marvel from India claims her title as the country’s freshest billionaire. Kapur, who happens to be a co-founder of Zyber 365 with Sunny Vaghela, has captured this esteemed position thanks to the blooming performance of her startup in the technology industry.

Pearl Kapur’s Zyber 365: The Fastest Unicorn in Sight

Zyber 365 Technologies Ltd, the start-up headquartered in the UK and co-founded by India’s youngest billionaire Kapur, has set the record for becoming the quickest unicorn in both India and Asia. Holding the 109th position on the list of unicorns in India, the company recently hit an impressive valuation of $1.2 billion. This outstanding stride gives major credit to Kapur’s avant-garde vision and the ground-breaking advancements Zyber 365 has demonstrated in the fields of Blockchain Technology and Cybersecure AI.

Investments Pour In: A Glimpse into the Future

The Sram & Mram Group, a leading global conglomerate, has recently poured in an investment of $100 million into Zyber 365, thus boosting its market valuation and showing tremendous faith in its future prospects. However, Kapur and the team at Zyber 365 do not wish to bask in this glory for long. They have a promising roadmap laid out, with plans to launch the company’s proprietary token and Mainnet in May 2024. Moreover, the team at Zyber 365 is preparing to launch a non-custodial DeFi wallet and AI Cashless Stores at Pumps, as they believe their commitment to fostering innovative tech solutions remains unwavering.

Commitment to Sustainable Tech: A Game Changer

Another commendable aspect of Zyber 365, which sets it apart from the crowd is its staunch commitment to sustainability. Zyber 365’s EVM Compatible Web3 Layer 1 Proof of Authority (PoA) sustainable chain is in complete alignment with the United Nations SDG Goals, making the company not just a technological innovator, but also a promoter of environmental consciousness. Under Kapur’s competent leadership, Zyber 365 aims to continue to alter the face of tech industry, while contributing to building a sustainable future for all.

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