Patta’s Summer/Spring 2024 Range: A Tribute to Amazon’s Splendor

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Exclusive: Patta Unveils An Amazon-Inspired SS24 Collection

In an exciting new release, Patta presents their Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This fresh line draws its inspiration from the breathtaking world of the Amazon rainforest, known for its unprecedented diversity. Patta creatively harnesses the beauty and variety inherent in nature to breathe life and innovation into their designs.

The Crossroads of Urban and Tropical

Central to the SS24 collection is a fascinating journey – the meeting point of urban style and tropical aesthetic. Unveiling a series of contemporary relaxed fits, Patta ingeniously marries their timeless fashion ethos with unique, Amazon-inspired influences. This urban-tropical fusion achieves a captivating blend, empowering you to infuse the essence of the Amazon into your everyday style with flair.

Salute to the Amazon: Colour Palettes and Prints

Delve into the collection’s colour spectrum, and you discover a rich narrative in shades. The colour palette dips into earthy tones and light shades of the Amazon, interspersed with striking pops of fuchsia – a picture-perfect homage to the vibrant hues of the rainforest. The prints, meanwhile, carry a strong Amazonian imprint, featuring designs inspired by age-old artifacts, an abundance of flora and fauna, swamp-dwelling mythical creatures, and a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Each print tells a unique Amazonian tale.

Collection Highlights: Must-Have Pieces

Within the SS24 collection, a handful of attention-grabbing items deserve particular attention. The flower football jersey with coordinating shorts, the sophisticated black knitted cardigan, the dual-layered camouflage long sleeve, chenille logo sweaters, and a butterfly encrusted hoodie, perfectly encapsulate Patta’s inventive spirit while transporting a piece of the Amazon onto the city streets.

First-look pieces from the SS24 collection are now available on Patta’s platform, accessible through their website, dedicated mobile app, and within their Amsterdam, London, and Milano locations. This collection isn’t merely about dress code – it’s a game-changer, drawing the marvels of the natural world into the fashion sphere in a ground-breaking way. The Patta SS24 collection stands as a cornerstone of the brand’s devotion to artistic expression, spotlighting their talent for translating the spirit of the Amazon into stunning fashion statements.


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