Parker’s, Buffalo’s Gastronomic Icon, to Reappear at Fresh Site

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Parker’s: A Reputed British Eatery, Set to Reopen in Buffalo Soon

Rumors have been confirmed. Parker’s, widely celebrated among the populace for its authentic British cuisines, is making a comeback in Buffalo. This news was recently made public via a Facebook update and has set off a wave of excitement amongst fans of the eatery who have been awaiting its revival.

New Location Yet to be Disclosed, Bright Future Anticipated

While the well-known restaurant, famous for its ‘real’ fish and chips along with a host of other British specialties, remained tight-lipped about the exact location of its new facility, some hints were dropped. The officials suggested that the new setup would not only continue to provide delicious British foods but would also dive into retail sales and offer nationwide shipping. This has, understandably, ramped up the anticipation amongst their loyalists.

Parker’s Journey: From 1216 South Park Ave to a Brand New Location

Parker’s previous nested space at 1216 South Park Ave was brought by a car seller based in Cleveland for a hefty $5.48 million and has since been turned into a Tesla showroom and service hub. However, the gap that Parker’s left in their former location when they moved out is most likely about to be replenished as the eatery gets ready to serve its much-loved British delights in a new place.

The Tale and Prospective Goals of Parker’s

Initially born in 2009 as the English Pork Pie Co. by Damian and Vicky Parker, the brand underwent a transformation in 2015. The couple operated the 42,000 square foot setup and the British Chippy Restaurant, later renamed as Parker’s Unadulterated Fish & Chips. Having halted operations temporarily in Buffalo towards the conclusion of 2022 to set in motion the relocation plan, Parker’s has logistical plans for a strong comeback and an expansion plan up their sleeve. At our source reveals, the company is contemplating setting up a hub near Manhattan to streamline their shipping operations, especially catering to their clients on the West Coast.

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