PacifiCity Buyers Urge Sabah Govt to Declare Project Abandoned for Resolution

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Call for Intervention in Delayed PacifiCity Project in Kota Kinabalu

The prospective buyers of the mixed development project, PacifiCity condominiums and shoplots located in Likas Bay, Kota Kinabalu, have requested for the project to be declared as abandoned. This action would allow for possible intervention by ‘white knights’ to rescue the extensively delayed development. Currently, the existing developer’s involvement stops any such actions.

Serious Request for Government or Authority Intervention

Dato’ Seri Winston Liaw, along with other interested parties, including Datuk Bolkiah Ismail, the former State Tourism, Culture and Environment Assistant Minister, have expressed their dismay. They report that potential saviours have already displayed their interest. Such a request has arisen due to the frustrations surrounding the state government’s persistent denial of any abandoned projects within Sabah. In stark contrast to government claims, buyers speak of suspended payments and acts of vandalism that led to an estimated RM50 million in damages between September and December of the previous year.

Legal Actions Initiated to Salvage the Project

Liaw suspects that the vandalism incidents may involve conspiratorial elements and proposes that a RM9.35 million bank grant from the Sabah Development Bank should be used for repair work. Legal actions have been set in motion against the project’s current developer and the bank. There has been issuance of a writ of summons dated February 19, which comes ever closer to its 14-day response deadline.

The Dilemma of Ownership and Call for Legal Reforms

Liaw draws attention to the grave problem of frustrated buyers who have not yet received their occupancy certificates, and thus do not officially own their units. It is a situation that calls for legal reforms to provide protection to consumers against such predicaments.

  • The buyers’ plight is intensified by the state’s denial of any abandoned projects in Sabah.
  • Vandalism has caused RM50 million worth of damages.
  • Legal actions against the developer and the bank have been initiated.
  • A need for legal reforms to safeguard the interests of consumers has been voiced.

Hope for Project Completion

Despite the significant challenges, there continues to be hope for the completion of the PacifiCity project, originally scheduled for completion in 2018, thanks to information received from our sources.


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