Boomers2Gamers: Malaysia’s First Senior Esports Team Initiative by Goodday Charge

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Goodday Charge Embarks on a Mission to Bridge Generational Gap in Esports

Our sources have confirmed that Goodday Charge, in an unprecedented move, has announced the launch of an exclusive new gaming competition called ‘Boomers2Gamers’. The competition is a unique initiative targeting the senior population, specifically individuals aged 50 and above, in Malaysia to form the country’s first-ever senior esports team. The competition boasts of potentially rewarding participants with prizes amounting to RM20,000.

Legitimizing Esports through Unconventional Means

The Boomers2Gamers competition forms a crucial part of Goodday’s wider endeavours aimed at legitimising esports and transforming the misconceptions associated with the emerging sport. The initiative is scheduled to unfold over an eight-week duration, commencing from 19th February and closing on 8th April 2024. The competition challenge extends to both seasoned and novice gamers to prove their mettle, showcase their dedication towards the sport and potentially earn a spot in the esteemed senior esports team.

Selection Process and Skills Development

  • Participants are set to undergo a rigorous selection process comprising of a detailed gaming crash course.
  • The course covers vital aspects like skill development, strategy formulation, physical exercise, dietary requirements, sleep requisites, team building and good communication.
  • Participants will also be camping out during a boot camp course, followed by engaging in insightful online training sessions.

The underlying purpose of this meticulously designed program is to dismantle preconceived myths associated with esports, foster active ageing and draw attention to the physical and mental agility required to excel in esports, much like conventional sports.

Fostering a Fresh Perspective on Esports

As a part of the supportive infrastructure for such a pioneering initiative, Goodday Charge is enthusiastically backing the National eSports Development Guideline (NESDEG) and the 2024 Malaysian eSports Awards. Further, one of Malaysia’s most celebrated esports athletes, xNova, will feature as the face of Goodday Charge.

In an appeal to the public, Amy Gan, VP of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd, underlined the organization’s commitment to redefining the perspective on esports. She urged the older generation to comprehend the efforts, skills, and rigorous training required to succeed in the ascending field of esports, much like they would in any other sport.


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