Johor’s Journey to Revive the Forgotten: Transforming Sick and Abandoned Housing Projects

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Progress in Johor’s Struggling Housing Projects

The government of Johor, a state in Malaysia, has been making significant strides in managing and rectifying the issue of sick and abandoned housing projects. These efforts have been in collaboration with the State Housing Development Corporation of Johor (PKPJ), 16 local councils, and several technical agencies. These entities have all come together in what is known as the Sick and Abandoned Project Monitoring Committee.

The diligent work has borne fruit already. Through both 2022 and 2023, the committee has successfully revived and completed five previously ailing projects. The overall value of these completed projects amounts to roughly RM300 million.

Goals for Current Year

For the ongoing year, targets have been set to breathe new life into a further five sick projects and an additional abandoned one. With these new goals in sight, the total value of all projects – both those already completed and those still in progress – is forecasted to reach a whopping RM1 billion over a span of three years. This will include the end of the current year. These projects are set to cover approximately 3,500 units.

Homebuyer Review Committee Meeting

These promising developments were announced during a media conference that was held in the aftermath of the Homebuyer Review Committee (HRC) meeting. The media conference took place at Residensi Larkin Indah and was attended by notable figures. These included PR1MA Malaysia group chief executive officer and board member, Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Md Shariff, and PKPJ chief operating officer, Dr Mohd Shahrizan Sahid.

Discussed in the meeting were the various strategies and implementations that have allowed such successful progress in managing these sick and abandoned projects. Furthermore, future plans and targets for the current year were outlined as well.

  • Throughout 2022 and 2023, five previously struggling projects were successfully completed.
  • The targets for the current year include restoring life into an additional five sick projects and one abandoned project.
  • Over a span of three years, including the end of the current year, the total value of all projects is expected to reach RM1 billion.
  • The media conference was held following the Homebuyer Review Committee (HRC) meeting at Residensi Larkin Indah.

These positive announcements are a testament to the hardworking nature of those involved, and the strength of their strategy in combating the issue of sick and abandoned housing projects. It highlights the Johor state government’s commitment to ensuring the provision of quality and affordable housing to its citizens.


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