Nirmala Sitharaman Discusses Provisional Budget 2024: Enabling, Zero Fresh Concessions, and ‘Active Secularism

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A Candid Discussion with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Interim Budget 2024

In an exclusive post-budget discourse, Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, provided valued insights into the government’s actions and plans as reflected in the Interim Budget of 2024. Sitharaman chose to deviate from convention, avoiding the introduction of new concessions in the budget. Instead, she portrayed it as a veritable vote on account, a practice usually undertaken prior to an election.

The Consistent Commitment to Empowerment

Reaffirming the government’s unwavering dedication to empowering its citizens, Sitharaman put stress on the efficacious impact of initiatives that have been launched over the past decade. According to the Finance Minister, an intense reliance on word-of-mouth is at play. She opined that the most effective mediums for communicating the government’s intentions are those beneficiaries who receive aid directly sans any intermediaries.

Citing Cases of Successful Initiatives

Finance Minister Sitharaman referred to the successful implementation of the Ujjwala Yojana and PM Awas Yojana. These are initiatives that have brought significant improvements for small households and budding entrepreneurs. The success stories of these schemes stand as testament to the government’s commitment towards uplifting the underprivileged sections of the society.

‘Secularism in Practice’ and Public Acknowledgement

Alluding to the government’s commitment of delivering assistance indiscriminately, Sitharaman introduced the phrase ‘secularism in practice’. She elaborates that this approach is in harmony with the dictum, ‘Together With All, Progress for All, Faith From All‘. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision is being guided by delivering on promises to the masses that is acknowledged and appreciated by them, stated the Finance Minister.

As the concluding note of her discourse, Sitharaman expressed positive hopes for continued endorsement from the citizens for the government’s adherence to their promises. The perspective provided by her in this dialogue grants a seldom provided insight into the philosophy and objectives that influence the government’s budgetary decisions. It goes a long way in understanding the Interim Budget 2024 and its implications.

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