Nina Dobrev Ponders Over Previous Style Decisions and the Beneficial Influence of Meditation

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Nina Dobrev Reflects on Past Fashion Choices

Actress Nina Dobrev, best known for her role as Elena Gilbert in “The Vampire Diaries”, recently gave an interview discussing her past fashion choices. She talked about her evolution in style and how she now views some of her past outfits with both regret and humor, wishing that she had had someone to help guide her fashion decisions.

Dobrev Remembers Her Fashion Faux Pas

Joining the industry’s glitter and glamour can be a huge learning curve, and Dobrev is open about her own personal journey. While she doesn’t shy away from expressing some regret over her past wardrobe choices, the actress also displayed a candid and humorous attitude towards her younger, perhaps less fashion-conscious self. As she revisited her style evolution, Dobrev mentioned the need of a guide, or as she humorously put it, an ‘intervention’, to navigate her through the choppy waters of fashion.

The Crucial Influence of Kate Young

Dobrev lauded her current stylist, Kate Young, for the evolution of her wardrobe. Speaking very highly of Young, Dobrev remarked on her cool demeanor and unerring fashion judgement, crediting Young with honing her personal style and helping her avoid further missteps. Young’s contribution is indisputably significant in defining Dobrev’s current sartorial image.

The Value of Sleep and Meditation in Dobrev’s Routine

Dobrev also shared some personal wellness practices in the interview, highlighting her regular meditation practices and expressing the importance of sleep to her overall well-being. The actress adopted a 15-minute daily meditation routine during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has become a staple part of her life, helping her kickstart each day positively. Dobrev also credited her clear skin and healthy complexion to getting sufficient sleep, a practice she started paying more attention to during the health crisis.


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