Nikita Kuzmin Conquers at Strictly Tour Despite Teasing Jeers; ITV Targets Claudia Winkleman for Big Contract

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Highlights from Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour: Nikita Kuzmin Shines Despite Hometown Tease

Engulfed in gentle mockery and scintillating performances, the atmosphere at the Strictly Come Dancing live tour took on a playful nature as professional dancer Nikita Kuzmin was whimsically teased by the Liverpool crowd. This unexpected jest was revealed by his colleague, Kai Widdrington, who playfully shared Kuzmin’s loyalty to Manchester United. Despite being on the receiving end of the lighthearted banter, Kuzmin’s resilience shone through, securing a victory in the evening’s competition.

From Boos to Triumph: Nikita Kuzmin Proves His Mettle

Even though the crowd was having a harmless laugh, it did not undermine Kuzmin’s incredible performance nor his steely determination. The professional dancer was commended for his elegant poise under the light ribbing. The evening’s successful note was further amplified by Angela Rippon, Kai Widdrington’s dance partner, who praised Kuzmin for his performance. Rippon also extended her heartfelt appreciation to the Liverpool spectators for their warm welcome and shared her lovely experiences from the ongoing tour.

The Chase for Claudia Winkleman: ITV in the Lead?

In other headlines, esteemed television host Claudia Winkleman, celebrated for her role in shows like Traitors and Strictly, is reportedly on ITV’s radar. Our sources suggest that the broadcasting channel is in the process of drawing up a lucrative contract, believed to be worth in excess of £500,000, in a bid to persuade Winkleman to host her own show. A TV industry insider reaffirmed Winkleman’s credentials as a premier presenter and highlighted there being no hint of her considering a departure from Strictly or the BBC.

Winkleman’s flexibility as a presenter is well-recognized, having had successful stints on a slew of channels, including ITV and Channel 4. An ITV representative stressed the network’s commitment to fostering female talent in both presenting and judging capacities in their programming, naming various shows as demonstrative of this policy. The possible agreement with Winkleman could well amplify ITV’s pledge to propel women-led broadcasts.


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