Nick Wakim, Phoenix Lithium CEO, Adds $40M Toorak Mansion to His Property Frenzy

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Nick Wakim’s Opulent Real Estate Spree in Toorak

In the posh suburb of Toorak, our source reveals that Melbourne-based Phoenix Lithium’s CEO, Nick Wakim, has added another lavish residence to his portfolio. Conducted off-market, the transaction was speculated to be about $40 million, and the property is marked to be for Wakim’s son, Alexander.

Skyrocketing Toorak Investments

This latest asset acquisition solidifies the Wakim family’s standing as major property investors in Toorak. With this, the family’s land assets in Toorak swell to around $113 million, making up close to two acres. The property portfolio started with an $61 million purchase of the Albany Road compound, formerly owned by Ron Walker, and plans for another next-door property expansion.

A Strong Investor Even in Unsteady Markets

Sceptics should note that despite the uncertain and unpredictable lithium market, Wakim’s investment behaviours show his propensity towards significant property transactions. The lithium magnate also spent roughly $30 million in Allanvale, a leading farming estate in Victoria’s productive Goulburn Valley. These purchases, although substantial, are typical for the multi-talented businessman, Wakim. He also has stakes in a geothermal lithium project in California and a fascination with horse breeding.

Silent Confirmation from Wakim

Wakim, known for his tight lipped approach to media, confirmed the recent purchase but declined to provide any more details. His actions align with his character and send a powerful message regarding his faith in the property market despite market jitters. This move also seems to indicate a clear intention for an investment diversification strategy, going beyond Wakim’s primary lithium industry.

The Reader Wall will continue to cover developments in this unfolding story as they emerge from our sources. Our aim is to provide transparent and timely updates to our readers. Stay tuned for further updates on this and other significant investment developments.

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