Nia Long cast as Michael Jackson’s mom in biopic

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Nia Long Set to Play Critical Role in Michael Jackson Biopic

We have exclusive news from our sources! Famed actress Nia Long has been chosen to portray an essential role in the upcoming biopic of the late pop icon, Michael Jackson. Notably, Nia Long will perform as Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, in the forthcoming bio-drama directed by Antoine Fuqua.

Director Fuqua’s Take on Nia’s Performance

Fuqua shared his enthusiasm over having Nia onboard. In a recently released statement, he passionately expressed, “Nia has consistently given us iconic performances throughout her career. For a significant duration, I’ve admired her work because her characters make a lasting impact. Now, I’m thrilled to work beside her as she pours all that intensity into portraying Katherine Jackson: a woman who was the pillar, the anchor, and the heart of the Jackson family through its best and most chaotic times.”

About the Movie ‘Michael’

The movie, named ‘Michael’, is projected to unravel the iconic singer’s complex legacy. Based on the storyline, the plot will showcase a “brilliant yet intricate man” who earned fame as one of the most prolific performers ever. The screenplay is crafted by John Logan, who is famous for his writing in ‘Gladiator’, ‘Sweeney Todd’, and the James Bond films ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Spectre’.

Production and Release Updates

Currently in production, ‘Michael’ is scheduled to premiere in theatres on April 18, 2025. Graham King, known for his work in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, is producing the film in collaboration with the co-executors of the Michael Jackson estate, John Branca, and John McClain. Lionsgate will be handling domestic distribution, while Universal Pictures International is assigned to manage all territories, excluding Japan, which will be under Lionsgate’s purview.

Nia Long Shares Her Excitement

Nia Long expressed immense excitement about her involvement in the project. Sharing her thoughts, Nia stated, “Katherine Jackson symbolises impressive resilience and grace for the entire Jackson family. As a mother, she was selfless in facing forces beyond her control yet successfully helped build an inestimable legacy.” Nia was recently seen in Netflix’s comedy ‘You People’ and is celebrated for her roles in films such as ‘Boyz n the Hood’, ‘Love Jones’, ‘Soul Food’, ‘The Best Man’ and ‘Big Momma’s House’.

Further Updates

We will continue to bring more updates on this exciting new project, so stay tuned. Make sure you share this news with your friends and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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