New Study Reveals Cannibalism Among Spanish Conquistadors Driven by Hunger in the New World

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Spanish Conquistadors Resorting to Cannibalism in Extreme Hunger

New Findings on Spanish Conquistadors Highlight Unexplored Aspects of History

In recent times, revelations about the Spanish colonizers in the ‘New World’ have sparked conversations about the darker aspects of history. A study by Professor Antonio Espino from the University of Barcelona has shed light on the desperate survival measures the conquistadors were compelled to face, including engaging in cannibalism against their foes.

The Role of Scarce Resources

One of the primary highlights of this study is the role scarcity played in these horrific circumstances. With resources being scarce, starvation became a common occurrence among the Spanish colonizers. This, according to Espino, was the most common cause of death among the conquistadors and led them to extremes such as resorting to cannibalism for survival.

Understanding the Context

These findings are based on the extensive study and research by Espino, who has spent over three decades understanding the intricacies of colonial America. His work delves into the lesser-known aspects of the Spanish colonization era, revealing the desperate lengths the conquistadors went to in order to ensure their survival.

An In-Depth Look at the History

  • The Spanish colonizers arrived in the New World with dreams of prosperity but instead found themselves struggling for survival.
  • Extreme hunger played a crucial role in the colonizers’ struggle, often leading to their death.
  • The scarcity of food led the conquistadors to commit unthinkable atrocities like cannibalism.

Explorers of the New World

In his latest book ‘Explorers of the New World’, Espino unveils untold stories and unexplored aspects of the colonizers’ history. He tackles the subject with academic rigor, unveiling the darker side of the glorious conquest tales we often hear about.

This groundbreaking study is expected to change the way we view the colonization phase and the legacy of the Spanish colonizers in the New World.


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